October 2017 Deathmatch "FAKE NEWS"



Well, King of Crows V is over.

But the October 2017 Deathmatch is approaching and it looks to be pretty competitive since there are only three more slots left for KOC VI.

Our host with the most is the corpse of Thomas Jefferson and his theme is Does Love Make You Blind Or Just Dumber?

Ahahahahahahahaha! FAKE NEWS!

Fake News is the theme and in our reality based world, your host is Victoria Stubbs.

Three more chances to get your ten minute miracle into KOC VI. 

So Long!

Hey there Crows! Cullen McGough here- it is with great sadness I announce that I'm stepping down from the Crowbait Club organizing committee. Never fear, the same great show will be back again next month under your cruel, but handsome leaders: Mike Tooher, Beth Chasse. Charlie Cole and Jody Newguywassisname.

It's been a great pile of fun for me but I'm stepping down to pursue a couple of other projects including the fantastic CBC entry for Portfringe in June: "Aliens Vs. Beckett", written by me, Directed by C. Cole and starring the lovely Beth Chasse. (https://www.facebook.com/events/335078583368730/?ref=5)

I hope to see you all again at one of the monthly Deathmatches, but next time I'll just be another poor slob hoping to get my name pulled from the bucket.

Thank you all!

April Deathmatch: "Just Desserts"

We're back! April 1st is our next live theatrical deathmatch with the theme "Just Desserts" (or maybe Just Deserts) starring YOU and your original ten-minute play. Our host for the evening is the unrepeatable Jody McColman and we welcome you to join us. 

Doors open 7:30, the show runs from 8-10pm at Mayo St. Arts. $5 cover, cash bar. 

Deathmatch Winners - March 2015 "UPRIGHT AND LOCKED POSITION"

Wednesday, Mar 4, 2015

The theme for March was "Upright and Locked Position" and the special requirement was that all 10-minute plays must include a musical number. Original lyrics, spoken/sung to either: "Tomorrow" (from Annie) or "My Favorite Things" (From the Sound of Music.) Our special thanks to Victoria Stubbs, our lovely and talented accompanist. 

Eight brave playwrights took up the challenge:

The rundown:

Theater Deathmatch! March 4th

We're back in March for another live theater deathmatch!

The theme for March is "Upright and Locked Position" 

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: All 10-minute plays must include a musical number. Original lyrics, spoken/sung to either: "Tomorrow" (from Annie) or "My Favorite Things" (From the Sound of Music.) The ever-talented Victoria Stubbs will be on hand to accompany your piece with the piano. 

We hope to see you there!

Deathmatch Winners - February 2015 "UNFINISHED BUSINESS"

Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015

Snow or the threat thereof does not keep the Crows from the nest.

The Deathmatch occurred on 2/4 in front of a sold out house ready to rumble. The plays were:

David Body - Hippos in the Catholic School Parking Lot
Jo-Anne Walton - Sit Down Weezie
Cullen McGough - Don't Miss Nothin, Bub 
Cory King - Trial of Conscious 
Megan Tripaldi - I Know
Patricia Mew - Battle Scars
Jennifer E. Reck - Before We Go
Michael Tooher - Habitus
Lynne Cullen - The League of Martyrs 
Josh Brassard - In Flagrante Delicto
Anna Cranage Conathan - Mantises in Love
Hal Cohen - Beep

Best Play Finalists:

Josh Brassard - In Flagrante Delicto
Cullen McGough - Don't Miss Nothin, Bub

Unfinished Business!

We're back again this Wednesday, February 4th!

Our monthly live theater deathmatch returnes with the theme "UNFINISHED BUSINESS" and all 10-minute plays are welcome!

Plays are randomly selected and randomly cast from participating audience members, and the audience votes for the best play of the night!


Not sure? Learn more about the Crowbait Club's live theatrical deathmatch series!


When: Wednesday, february 4th, Doors open at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:00sharp. $5 cover, cash bar. 
Where: Mayo Street Arts, 10 Mayo St. Portland, Maine
What: A night of brand-new, untested 10-minute plays!

We hope to see you there!

Crowbait Round Up: Jan 2015

It was a wild beginning to a new year at the Deathmatch. Sold out show, lots of new faces and friends. Victoria at the piano led a terrific singalong while each play was prepped and a swell time was had by all. The theme was "Exceptions" and the host was Beth Chasse.

17 plays were submitted of which 10 were pulled from the play bucket to be performed. They were:

  • Megan Tripaldi - Oh, Balls
  • Tristan Rolfe - Yes Darling, But is it Art?
  • David Body - Business Assassins
  • Cory King - The Thing About American Girls
  • Nick Solloway- Love and Death at 30000 feet
  • Chalmers Hardenbergh - Exceptions
  • Steph Ross - The Litter of Days
  • Jennifer Reck- TED Talk Paris
  • Laura Cowie - Double Down
  • Hal Cohen - Antoine and Dr Horwitz

Best Play Finalists:

  • Laura Cowie - Double Down
  • Cory King - The Thing About American Girls

Best Play:

  • Cory King - The Thing About American Girls

Best Actor:

  • Zach Fowler

The Deathmatch returns on February 4th. The theme is "Unfinished Business" and the host with the most is Charlie Cole.
Stay tuned here because the February Deathmatch marks the first of our top secret Submission Projects, a group exercise to help you get your work out into the world. More in about a week.