Deathmatch Winners - January 2015 "EXCEPTIONS"

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Best Actor: 
Zach Fowler
Best Play: 
The Thing About American Girls
Written by: 
Cory King

It was a wild beginning to a new year at the Deathmatch. Sold out show, lots of new faces and friends. Victoria at the piano led a terrific singalong while each play was prepped and a swell time was had by all. The theme was "Exceptions" and the host was Beth Chasse.

17 plays were submitted of which 10 were pulled from the play bucket to be performed. They were:

  • Megan Tripaldi - Oh, Balls
  • Tristan Rolfe - Yes Darling, But is it Art?
  • David Body - Business Assassins
  • Cory King - The Thing About American Girls
  • Nick Solloway- Love and Death at 30000 feet
  • Chalmers Hardenbergh - Exceptions
  • Steph Ross - The Litter of Days
  • Jennifer Reck- TED Talk Paris
  • Laura Cowie - Double Down
  • Hal Cohen - Antoine and Dr Horwitz

Best Play Finalists:

  • Laura Cowie - Double Down
  • Cory King - The Thing About American Girls