Deathmatch Winners - October 2014 "2 MINUTE PLAYS"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 to Thursday, October 2, 2014
Best Actor: 
Kate Michaud
Best Play: 
The Button
Written by: 
Justin Doughty

The October Deathmatch was great fun with twenty four "2-minute" plays!

D.S. Dish Soap - Cory King
Bless Me Father - Patricia Mew
Big News - Jennifer Reck
A Game You Can Play During Lunch - Delvin Case Jr.
It's All About The Squirrels - Jody McColman
Stranded - Megan Tripaldi
Jerry Should Die - Ezra Damm
Hey - Megan Tripaldi
The Button - Just Doughty 
Beginner's Guide To Road Rage - Cory King
Driving Lessons - Jo-Anne Walton 
Time and Space - Nick Solloway
Camden Yards - Cullen McGough
Sam The Owl - Just Doughty 
I Digress - Lynne Cullen 
Executive Session - Charlie Cole
These Are Scary Times To Have Children - Sampson 
Go, Lou, Go - Hal Cohen 
Over The Edge - Jo-Anne Walton 
Waiting Room - David Body
It's All About Ennui - Jody McColman
Helpful - Meredythe Dehne
Two Minutes To Live - Howard Rosenfield
Good News And... - Lynne Cullen 
A Brother is Not Enough - Delvin Case Jr.
Decisions - Meredythe Dehne
The Walk of Shame - Michael Levine 
A Hike - Hal Cohen 

Play Finalists

Executive Session - Charlie Cole
The Button - Just Doughty 


The Button - Just Doughty

Best Actor - Kate Michaud