December 7, 2016 Deathmatch - "NO"

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
7:30 p.m.

It is the most powerful word in the world. Some surround it with explanations and apologies and some just say it short, clear and crisp.

That word is No. And it is the theme for the December 2016 Deathmatch

Time to get serious and start the writing. Bang out a ten minute play and come get in the game. Amuse, mystify, or confuse your fellow groundlings and you just might win.

What might I win, you wonder? A lovely yet seriously down market gift bag full of dubious treasures. One dollar pregnancy tests anyone?

Oh...and the final slot for King of Crows V. Where you will be in some fast company indeed.

Crows gather. Wednesday, December 7th for the "Brawl For It All" December Deathmatch at Mayo Street Arts, Doors at 7:30, 8pm hard start. The theme is "No" and your host is Jody "The Shadow" McColman. Write, act, spectate or all three $5. Deathmatch T-shirts will be available.