February 1, 2017 Deathmatch - "BROKEN PROMISES"

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
7:30 p.m.

Love, love, love.

Valentine's Day is in February, that time of chocolate and cards and hopefully kisses. Well... host with the most Charlie Cole ain't having any of it. He's decided to explore the dark side of love and human behavior with his chosen theme "Broken Promises."

There's plenty of room to move with this one, playwrights. So get yourself to the keyboard and get cracking.You know the thespians will be bringing their A game. Go light or go dark but get busy with it.

Ace out the rest of this literate mob with your 10 minute marvel, win, and you'll be up there with January's champ Hal Cohen on the bill for King of Crows VI. And If you don't... well... there's always next month!

Did we mention our shiny yet extraordinary tasteless gift bags for the winning actor and playwright? We work hard on those. :)

Crows gather. Wednesday February 1st 2017 @ Portland Ballet Studio Theater, 517 Forest Ave, Portland ME. Doors open at 7:30 with an 8pm hard start. Write, act, spectate, or all three $5. The theme is "Broken Promises" and your host is Charlie "The Heartbreaker" Cole. Bottled water and Deathmatch T-shirts will be available.