How it Works

The Crowbait Club is a monthly meeting of playwrights, actors and theater enthusiastis who gather to try out brand-new short plays before a live (and lively) audience.

The Rules:

  1. The Crowbait Club is open to anyone and everyone. If you have words on paper, you can be a playwright. Playwrights must be present to have their plays read.
  2. We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month, hosted by Mayo St. Arts in Portland.
  3. $5 cover change, cash bar available. (Your contributions are used to fund our year-end "King of Crows" festival.)
  4. Entrants throw their name in the actor and/or script buckets. (You can do both!)
  5. Please format your script properly. Number the pages. Bring enough copies for the actors. Use staples.
  6. 10 minutes is the absolute maximum time limit and your play will be gonged out if your script goes over time. Plays that go over time are inelligible to be included in our King of Crows festival.
  7. 5-7 pages will run 10 minutes. Shorter is fine.
  8. Doors open at 7:30. We will do as many randomly selected scripts as we can from 8:00 to 9:50
  9. Scripts will be randomly selected from the script bucket.
  10. Actor's names will be randomly selected out of the actors' bucket.
  11. At the end of the night, the audience will be the judge of the best play by acclaim and the C.B. hosts will judge best actor in a secret, unfair, biased way that probably involves how many drinks you bought us. There are generally prizes.
  12. The winning scripts from each month will be complied into an end-of-year short play festival, fully realized with costumes, directors, the full monty.
  13. That's pretty much it.  Good writing, good performances, and good company is the goal!