The King of Crows II: Return of the King

September 25, 26, 27, 7:30-10pm at Mayo Street Arts

Join us for the second "King of Crows" year-end festival as we perform the winners of this year's Crowbait Club shows, fully rehearsed and staged. Tickets available online.

Act One

  • The Short & Happy Life of Ethelred the Unready
  • Cock Fight
  • No Room at the Inn
  • The Thing on the Floor
  • The Contest
  • The List

Act Two

  • The Interview Sodomy
  • Checking In
  • Plumbing the Depths
  • M & L Motel
  • Everyone Eats 

Cast & Crew:

Jody McColman
Playwright: The Interview
Sometimes he writes it, sometimes he even acts it, sometimes you dig it.

Patricia Mew
Playwright: Cock Fight
My plays are sometimes offbeat, like “Cock Fight”: not always discreet. But you be the judge, And give me a nudge. Keep going or should I delete?

Kate Michaud
Actor: Cock Fight, The Interview, Plumbing the Depths
Thank you, brand new friends for the warm welcome back to The Way Life Should Be

Kerry Rasor
Actor: Checking In, Everyone Eats, No Room at the Inn
It’s always better acting, working, raising kids to have a passion.

Jennifer Reck
Playwright: Checking In
Jennifer Reck likes so to write for Crowbait Club happy night laughter.

Howard Rosenfield
Playwright: M&L Motel
There once was a playwright from Maine who by day worked to keep people sane. He found that at night he could alter his sight and endeavor to just entertain.

Harlan Baker
Playwright: The Short & Happy Life of Ethelred the Unready
There was a young man from Nantucket, Who set out to sea in a bucket. When the bucket sets sail, He found he must bail So he threw up his hands and said, “%^&%* it!”

Henry Bindbeutel
Actor: Ethelred the Unready, The List, M & L Motel
Returning actor. He really likes his coffee. I mean, like a lot.

Josh Brassard
Actor: Cock Fight, Plumbing the Depths, Sodomy
An actor and a tech geek. Lives in SoPo with Steph Ross & the kids.

Elizabeth Chasse
Artistic Director: King of Crows II: The Return of the King
Playwright: The List Actor: Sodomy
There once was a woman named Chasse who always tried to be classy; But play a mean trick, or act like a dick, and she’ll tell you to “Suck It” quite crassly.

Charlie Cole
Prop Master: King of Crows II: The Return of the King
Playwright: The Contest Director: Checking In, No Room at the Inn, The Thing on the Floor
Words like macrocells building new life from daydreams gaming for shy authors.

Keith Curley
Crew: Sound/Stage Hand
Don’t mess with me fool. My gorgeous girlfriend wrote this. Haikus are bullshit.

Meredythe Dehne
Actor: Ethelred the Unready, Everyone Eats, No Room at the Inn
Music, taiko, cats, peanut butter: happiness. Create and be weird.

Adam Ferguson
Actor: Everyone Eats, The Interview, Plumbing the Depths
There once was a man who loved comics, But he didn’t turn in his bio. So without even trying We hastily wrote this. Now he has the worst limerick ever.

Mnemosyne Heileman
​Stage Manager: King of Crows II: The Return of the King
Actor: Everyone Eats, The Thing on the Floor
Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Michael Kimball
Playwright: Plumbing the Depths
There once was a man of good cheer who’d had it with books up to here. He fell in with some crows, gave up on the prose, and took up a threadbare career.

Cory King
Playwright: Everyone Eats Director: The List, Plumbing the Depths
Chief rabble-rouser Turns most phrases sexual It’s not hard...go on.

Carson Lynch
The Murder Band: Violin/Percussion
A fiddle sings the purest in the court of crows and kings. Percussion hits when tethered