King of Crows III - The Plays

And BEHOLD! Here are the plays that will be produced for King of Crows III: Long Live the King. You can download any play by clicking on the title.

A Long Time Coming by Jody McColman - Directed by Charlie Marenghi

Gorgon, Boogie Beast by Jo-Anne Walton - Directed by Stephanie Ross

Lemon Garlic Tilapia by Hal J. Cohen - Directed by Charlie Cole

Monkey Mind Run by Jennifer Reck - Directed by Stephanie Ross

Ode to Chicken Salad by Megan E. Tripaldi - Directed by Charlie Cole

Protecting the Innocent by Brent Askari - Directed by Jody McColman

Screever and the Dog King by Lynne Cullen - Directed by Charlie Cole

Shaking Hands with the Man by Cory King - Directed by Sean St Louis-Farrelly

The Button by Christopher J. Doughty - Directed by Michael Tooher

The Diary of Human Days by Elizabeth Somerville and Michael Tooher - Directed by Jody McColman

The King of All Kings by Delvyn C. Case, Jr. - Directed by Michael Tooher

The Opposite of Hoarding by Charlie Cole - Directed by Sean St Louis-Farrelly

The Whole Tooth by Anna Cranage Conathan - Directed by Charlie Marenghi