At Zero

Short Description: 
In a campground on the edge of the Cape Canaveral launch facility, a family waits for the rocket to go off. Ellen and her stepdaughter Speedy are staying in a small camper with Sam’s grandfather, Mac, after losing their Phoenix home to foreclosure. The burgeoning love affair between Ellen and Mac is cut short when Ellen’s estranged husband, Wes, unexpectedly arrives at the campground, after several years overseas in the Iraq & Afghanistan wars. As the love triangle flies apart Speedy runs away, refusing to miss the final launch of the last-ever space shuttle. The search for Speedy forces the adults to grapple with the ghosts that haunt them- Ellen’s guilt over Speedy’s dead mother, Mac’s failed career, Wes’ trauma over the children he may or may not have killed in the wars. Mac returns with a sleeping Speedy, and Wes & Ellen achieve a new understanding of each other. Reunited, the family watches the dawn break. And then the rocket goes off.
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